Venture Studio

Solutions to real-world problems.

The method in the madness

WeAreMonsters conceptualises, builds and supports ventures that solve real-world problems in a sustainable way. Using business model disruption strategies and leveraging the latest technologies WeAreMonsters can productise solutions to common commercial and social problems and inefficiencies. The world is full of junk, there is no need for more stuff, red tape and ineffective services. We empower companies and consumers alike by assessing their needs and then fulfilling those needs directly. We don’t want to create products and services simply because we feel they will sell, and try to make the shoe fit. With our airtight methodologies and centralised in-house resources we can take an idea from concept to market validated company in a matter of weeks. Success in this kind of environment is about ensuring absolute systemic efficiency while inspiring creativity and creating space for problem-solving at each step of the journey.

1. Partnerships

Once we have a promising idea, prior to any development commences we see if there is an existing company with market traction, complementary technology or systems. If so, it may be worth combining efforts to speed up the build, adoption or scale of our product, to increase the likelihood of success.

2. Method

Conceptualisation sprints root out poor or ineffective ideas by focusing on business model, technology, adoption and competition. This process highlights unnecessary or improbable features and exaggerates unique selling points Rapid prototype development. Industry agnostic validation - Through our diverse staff expertise, network of domain experts and specialised cross-referencing strategies, our methods validate business concepts from any industry. Gamified target market testing offers us more accurate market feedback on our products and services prior to MVP launch. Speed - our streamlined systems get our MVP’s to market in weeks.

3. Technology

When we develop tech we always try to ensure it is repeatable and modular so that every similar project thereafter can be produced faster, more cost effectively and with fewer errors. We develop partnership and framework agreements to reduce learning curve issues and increase speed to market. Provisioning of share services to jump start ventures. We have built technology R&D in to our business standard practices, ensuring our staff continually seek the latest advances in the technological world. This can mean the difference between a product or service being adopted or a complete failure. We ensure our technology is built to scale.

4. Resources & Support

WeAreMonsters contains all the necessary resources and experience in-house to maximise a venture’s success probability while minimising all the common short-fallings. We offer these resources in support of each venture until the product or service reaches revenue, or has enough financial support to employ their own supporting team. This allows the spearheading core team to concentrate on market penetration and perfecting their product and processes.

Our Venture Methodology

Resources Legend:




General Manager

Domain Expert

Chief Officers

Sys Admin

Backend Developer

Frontend Developer


Marketing Manager

Tech Lead

Product Manager

Phase 01

  1. Industry problem solving | Birth of an idea
  2. Tech & industry sprint | Finding a better way
  3. Market research, validation & forecasting | Sales & marketing strategy
  4. Operations & team structuring, legal | Designing the business
  5. Develop CI | Developing a brand

Phase 02

  1. Develop clickable prototype | An idea comes alive
  2. Gain market feedback | Indicate market demand & commitment
  3. Compile all elements | Building the investment proposal


Phase 03

  1. Development of product, once funded | Make an idea reality
  2. Testing for bugs | Aiming for perfection

Phase 04

  1. Launch to market (MVP) | implement marketing & sales plans
  2. Bug fixes and/or feature launch every 2 weeks | Iterate, Iterate, Iterate
  3. Analyse for 2 months | A validated product
  4. Package findings | To substantiate further funding, if necessary


Phase 05

  1. Employ CEO and other vital team members | The vital team
  2. Support venture with WAM resources | Support till independence
  3. WAM to advise venture indefinitely | Advice at an arms’ reach