Rapid Prototyping

The idea, which has only lived on paper up until this point, is now ready to be turned into something tangible.

Thanks to our experience and tools, the turnaround time of our prototypes is fast. The prototype allows us to validate the ideas, saving time and money in the long-run, and through testing and modifying, the utility of the solution can be fine-tuned.

The process starts with research. Our team searches the furthest corners of the web and world to investigate existing tools, products or ecosystems with similar functionality. From our findings we can determine if there are elements that can be integrated into the prototype. Our UX (User Experience) specialists map out the flow and functionality of the prototype. The blueprint is handed over to UI (User Interface) designers who gets to work on the actual graphic design elements. Our software architects are up next, turning the designs into a clickable experience that is ready to be explored.

We now put the prototype into the hands of users. Whether it’s completing a digital onboarding journey, or undergoing digital transformation, the users get to engage with the prototype through structured and unstructured testing. Pre- and post-experience interviews allow us to refine the solution, and move into the POC (Proof of Concept) phase.