Innovate or die.

Disruption from the outside, in.

WeAreMonsters are innovation and commercial specialists.

Corporate innovation is about pushing boundaries. Accelerating past your current limitations and breaking new ground. Whether those limitations are in the form of archaic processes, technology or the dreaded sales ceiling, there is a way to achieve the results you desire. The art of getting you from where you are now to where you want to be, comes from a combination of systemic business model disruption and the introduction of user-centric technology. No one understands your business and ecosystem more than you and your team, and that’s why we seek to give valuable time and energy back through absorbing the foreign functions of the innovation process. Steer the ship without being bogged down by the mechanics.

1. Concept Creation

When you have problem you need solving When there is an outcome you’re looking to achieve System optimisation: waste mitigation (Frugal Innovation) Commercialization Distilling complex campaigns: Rapid clarity, direction and consolidation

2. Prototype Design

A quality prototype can be the best way to showcase an idea's capabilities and functionality before committing to a major build. However, up until now, developing a quality working prototype has been a slow and expensive process. WeAreMonsters can design and build the prototype of your imagination at a low cost and in under two weeks.

3. Industry Validation

The best idea isn't of much use if no one is willing to pay for using it. WeAreMonsters helps repurpose products and IP to new markets or industries, as well as find commercial value & revenue streams to ensure sustainability and growth.

4. Utilization of big data

Generate effective data utilisation concepts & strategies Generate solutions for more effective consumer data capture Build & merge products, campaigns and software to maximise your competitive edge with existing consumer insights and data

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