When we come onboard as an external innovation partner in a joint venture, the sum of our parts come together in a seamless process.

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What We Offer

In recent years, in search of a more creative approach to problem-solving, many corporates set up internal innovation departments within their businesses. Most of these innovation hubs find it difficult to thrive because the corporate environment doesn’t celebrate the ability to fail, learn and move forward. We believe that an external innovation arm is the solution. With WeAreMonsters, a corporate has access to a team of innovation specialists with a fresh perspective, who are able to disrupt from the outside in.

Problem Validation

The problem is where our journey begins. Before we jump into problem-solving mode, we go through a problem validation process. We need to ensure that the issue that an organisation has identified is the actual problem, and not just a symptom of a root cause. We do this by interviewing stakeholders, people within the business and industry experts. We get stuck into research - looking at the competition, as well as the local and international landscape. Once we all agree on the problem, it’s time for the fun part - coming up with the solution.

Ideation & Solution

We take a holistic approach to problem-solving, gathering a mix of techies, creatives and business-focused people around the table to approach the issue from every angle. Design thinking, business design and our own tried and tested methodologies are utilised throughout the workshops to come up with innovative solutions. We create and handover a neatly packaged business case which summarises the learnings, proposed ideas and an actionable game plan.


The prototype allows us to test and modify the utility of the solution, quickly. The process starts with research. From our findings we can determine if there are elements that can be integrated into the prototype. Our UX (User Experience) specialists map out the flow and functionality of the prototype. The blueprint is handed over to UI (User Interface) designers who gets to work on the actual graphic design elements. Our software architects are up next, turning the designs into a clickable experience that is ready to be explored.

Proof of Concept

During the Proof of Concept (POC) phase we take the prototype into a real-world environment so that it can be put through its paces. The intended use of the product, the technology and its integrations are all tested. We also put the prototype into the hands of users, allowing them to try it out - whether it’s completing a digital onboarding journey, or validating digital transformation. These series of tests allow us to fine tune the product, ensuring it is ready for the launch into the open market.

Minimum Viable Product

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the first official version of the solution, built with early adopters in mind. An MVP gives us the chance to put our theories to the test on the open market. This stage in the co-creation process is a complex one, we need to attain real customers and set up strategic partnerships that will speed up our route to market. With set usability metrics in place, and by monitoring the organic flow of customers through the experience, we are able to gather valuable data. Based on the results we will tweak the MVP, strategy, content and channels to optimise every facet of the fledgling business.

Minimum Viable Company

Once the business has proven its service delivery, technology, business model, and user acquisition strategies within the safe confines of the WeAreMonsters incubation, it’s time to level up. The product can now become a Minimum Viable Company (MVC). Our team builds a company around the product, turning it into a scalable and sustainable business. We ensure that all bases are covered. We take care of legal, scale strategy, operations, partnerships, customer acquisition, brand development and marketing. What was once just an idea around a table is now a solution all grown up and ready to take on the world.

Our co-creation process is how our innovation and execution expertise come together to deliver a holistic service approach that helps a company make waves in their industry.

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