Full Stack Engineer

WeAreMonsters (WAM), a well-funded startup based in Cape Town, is seeking an experienced developer with skills in scalable and extendable architecture design.

We are in the process of kicking off a project in the FinTech space and need a battle-hardened developer to help make it a success.

The technical problems you’ll face are interesting, challenging and impacting using globally.

We work in an agile and highly collaborative environment, 95% remotely with a focus on true transparency and respect.

We're looking for enthusiastic and resourceful software engineers who are passionate about building great products, someone who loves being part of a team, whilst enjoying the autonomous nature of working remotely.

Our values around people
  • Teamwork: We have a greater chance of success if we work together.
  • Customer-obssesed: we always work backwards from our customers and place them at the core of everything we do.
  • Taking Ownership: Be proactive. See a concept through until completion and never say that is not my responsibility.
  • Personal Growth: We help each other improve and reach new heights.
  • Thinking Big: We embrace thinkers and doers who aim for stars. We constantly look at different ways to serve our customers. (Cheesy but true!)

Send us your resume even if you don’t meet all the requirements below.

  • Assisting and leading the system design phase.
  • Designing the database for scale.
  • Implementing the solution.
  • Maintaining the features.
  • Documenting the architecture design.
Daily Work Life
  • Meet with stakeholders to gather technical requirements.
  • Assist with system architecture design. Work closely with the Senior Solutions Architect.
  • Design scalable and extendable code.
  • Improve customer experience through unit tests, root cause analysis, and post-mortems.
  • Write efficient and fast code.
  • Develop tools for internal use.
  • Present research, solutions, architecture designs to stakeholders.
Basic Requirements
  • 5 - 7 years of development experience in one of the following:
    • JS
    • PHP
    • Python
  • Experience in system design.
  • Strong competency in OOP with functional programming as a bonus.
  • Designing and developing extendable code.
  • Experience in Remote Procedure Calls to mission-critical 3rd party API’s.
  • Experience in developing REST API’s:
    • JSON as the message format.
    • OAuth2 for security.
    • Level 3 REST

Bonus Points for experience in:

  • Extra OOP patterns:
    • Factory Method pattern
    • Builder pattern
  • Pub/Sub pattern.
    • Experience in one of the following: SQS/Kafka/Redis/RabbitMQ
  • AWS ECS, Lambda, Serverless, Fargate, SQS, SNS and SES.
  • Functional Programming
  • Event-Driven Architecture
  • JSON-Schema
  • Client library development

Don’t meet all the requirements?

Send your resume anyway!

Chat to you soon.