Who are Monsters?

The WeAreMonsters family is excellence in human form. Our team has been cherry picked for passion, problem-solving ability, skill, and grit. There is no point investing in talented people if they fall apart when things don’t go as planned. In our line of work they rarely do. We onboard believers and achievers, men and women that want to show the world what they are capable of. We hire dreamers with moral fibre and we encourage them not to shy away from taking chances and being bold. Take ownership, apply what comes naturally and don’t pull any punches. The result is a whirlwind but when focused in a united direction, it’s unstoppable.

“We believe the goodness comes from the ingredients.”

Our team’s expertise range from marketing and sales specialists to technical wizards and big data engineers. We have built a centralised resource base capable of conceptualising, building, launching and growing businesses with speed and ingenuity.